Slide The BEE SMART Energy program by Daisy Energy provides organizations with energy saving solutions to address the following concerns: Energy Prices are set to continue to rise at a pace that makes it almost impossible to pass on to your clients or to accurately budget
Many organizations face serious financial consequences if they do not take control of their energy usage

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We also provide complete design, install and maintenance of solar energy and energy storage systems that allow our client to:

Generate their own clean energy Reduce Global Adjustment charges Offset the impact of rising energy costs
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The added benefit, and the one we think is most important, is that

by reducing energy consumption and producing green renewable energy we can lower our impact on the planet

which is an important first step to combatting the effects of climate change.

Slide green background tree planted statement yellow background BEE SMART ENERGY RECOGNITION PROGRAM: Daisy Energy is committed to planting 1 tree for every 100 kWh of energy saved or produced via renewables on behalf of our clients. Our BEE SMART Energy - Recognition Program is more than just saving our clients money. Together we CAN make a difference! GREEN ENERGY REWARDS: tree icon Daisy Energy will plant 1 tree in your name for every 100kWh of clean energy produced in year one. tree icon Daisy Energy will plant 1 tree in your name for every 100kWh of energy saved in year one. ENERGY EFFICIENCY REWARDS:


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